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Tilmeldt november 2008

Du blokerede

Er du sikker på, at du vil vise disse Tweets? At vise Tweets vil ikke fjerne blokering af
Ja, vis profil
When a loss is still a win: Rangers clinch playoff spot
"Sensitive private information" includes app downloads, browsing histories and even financial and medical data
"I have dreams where I’m being held under and I can’t breathe”
. Exclusive: "GMA" anchors are "sick" of Michael Strahan getting special treatment
"They hold them down and stick various items up their rectum…"
She joked there was no place she’d rather be, “other than the White House”
The fountain of youth might not be so far off after all
POTUS said that he was going to make a bipartisan deal on healthcare “very quickly”
You’re a "Snowflake” if you: “Wear a tracksuit on the airplane...sign off with ‘CUL8R’ ”
Savvy travelers can score an entire isle for $200 a night — if they know where to look
Former VP Dick Cheney said Russia may have committed an “act of war” by meddling in the US presidential election
"Grease" is still the word!
Op-ed: The New York Times’ ongoing dishonesty only helps Trump
This is one embarrassing parenting lesson
The meetings were canceled after Rep. Devin Nunes revealed he visited the White House last week
The Trump team is being accused of trying to block Sally Yates from testifying about Russia
Comic book nerds fell into a pool, and looked amazing doing it
Trump says he can't make a mistake, then instantly makes a mistake
A woman gave a barista an apology card and cash after her "rudeness"
*A moment of silence for Russell Crowe's hot bod*

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