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Tilmeldt november 2008

@nypost er blokeret

Er du sikker på, at du vil vise disse tweets? At vise tweets vil ikke fjerne blokering af @nypost. Vis tweets
NASA said it will soon announce a major discovery regarding planets that orbit other stars
Learn to say "no" (even to your boss)
This brave woman managed to escape her father’s polygamous religious cult at just 13 years old
This lucky rescue pooch has gone from a crackhouse to a firehouse
“The backbone of democracy is a free press and an independent judiciary. And they are worth fighting and dying for”
This is what thousands of people floating together looks like
“I feel like I’ve just been raped and I just don’t know if I’m going to get murdered”
A homeless family was surprised with a fully furnished home
A recent study claims to have zapped away traumatic memories in mice
The 25-year-old says she started working in a “high-profile brothel” five years ago
The fire conveniently leaves the power lines intact
The company claim the underwear is able to block more than 99 percent of mobile phone and Wi-Fi radiation
Three ladies who call themselves “the skating hula hoopers” prove it’s never too late to have fun
President Trump picked Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster as his new National Security adviser to replace Michael Flynn
This girl's heart was born outside of her chest
A suspect, believed to be a gang member, was also wounded in the gun battle, officials said
“We realize that Mr. Yiannopolous has responded on Facebook, but it is insufficient"
This man made sure his marriage proposal was permanent
Designer Dennis Basso wants to dress Adele: “I really could do a lot for Adele’s figure”

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