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Covering politics for . Fmr. Campaign embed. Links & retweets aren't endorsements. Opinions are my own.
Washington, DC
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Moving day at the new Obama digs, where a few sets of golf clubs just headed in
. tells he's still undecided on Tillerson.
Brock Osweiler is undefeated in the playoffs...
It was exactly 15 months ago that said Americans were sick of hearing about Clinton's 'damn emails'...Glad he shut that down
Biden: I thought we were coming over to toast one another and to say what an incredible journey it's been
Ben Carson doesn’t rule out possibility of Pres.-elect Trump benefiting from HUD money.
Ben Carson tongue tied when asked about Trump benefiting from HUD $ 'It will not be my intention to do anything to benefit any American'
For a moment I thought Ben Carson may be filibustering his own confirmation hearing w/ his opening statement.
. recalls telling Carson symptoms when feeling sick on campaign trail. Carson diagnosis was: 'Ya, sounds like you're sick'
. says Sec of State 2nd most important position in gov. "No disrespect to the vice president"
have offered Sean McDermott the job to become their new coach.
Tillerson: 'I don't know of any plans to alter the One China policy'
Menendez Q: Mr. Tillerson, do you think Mexicans are criminals, drug dealers and rapists?
What's becoming clear is Tillerson hasn't talked to Trump about pretty much anything & can be completely undercut as SOS w/ a Trump Tweet
Tillerson says he has not been been briefed on Trump/Russia dossier and doesn't know if president elect has either
Tillerson says he has 'no knowledge' of Trump's business dealings in Russia or any other country for that matter
Trump: "Over the weekend, I was offered $2 billion dollars to do a deal in Dubai. I turned it down."
“I would not expect that I would be taking phone calls from any business leaders,” Tillerson said. Says he never called SOS as CEO
Rubio to Tillerson: Are you aware that people who oppose Putin all over the world wind up dead?
Tillerson said calls Russia hacking report 'clearly troubling'

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