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17 Singlish words that offer so much more than their English equivalents

Singlish may just be Singaporeans' proudest invention
June 23, 2014
Singlish is awesome. It’s efficient in two ways. First, it cuts down on unnecessary words and platitudes. Second, one Singlish word can have multiple meanings and it takes a full sentence in English to express the same thing. Here are 17 Singlish terms that we love to use either because of its versatility or its richness in meaning:  
Ecstasy? Delicious? Pleasurable? How about just Shiok.   Difficult? Confounding? Confusing? Complex? Perplexing? Bewildering? Cheem or cheemanology can replace all of those. You know what’s cheem? Our CPF is cheem.   jialat Deep shit? Tiring? Arduous? In trouble? Something’s very bad? Life is hard? All very jialat. Like the weather, it’s quite jialat nowadays.   Ask stupid questions and you get stupid answers. Sometimes you just get an ‘abuthen?’    How much salt to put into your cooking? Agar agar. 
Nothing is more inaccurate yet precise than agaration.
  Hoot can mean beat, buy or bet. “Don’t piss me off! If not I will hoot you then you know” “Did you go to the shopping centre? What did you hoot?” “Tonights match between Holland and Chile, which team will you hoot?”   The British use it as a euphemism for ‘bastard’. We use it as a substitute for ‘bastard’, ‘shit’ and ‘crap’.   cannot make it Not up to the task, utterly useless, not bound for success, unable to attend. All cannot make it.   Righter than right. Corright or corwrong?   Instead of “How should I know why you 1) choose to be such an idiot; 2) did not listen to me  in the first place; 3)took a wrong turn”, you can just use “I don’t know you” or “How I know you” which is quicker, less confrontational, and can be used for limitless scenarios to push blame.   The perfect come back line for people who like to give 20/20 hindsight comments or horse-behind-cannon remarks.   When conceited, proud, arrogant just does not quite adequately describe that person, you can always call them yaya papaya and people will understand.   Some smart alec will say ‘There is a perfect equivalent in English! It’s ‘bullshit’. It’s shorter too.” Can you use ‘bullshit’ the same way when you say “Going out to talk cock and sing song with my army buddies”? You don’t t
alk cock la you.
  It could just mean yes, or it could be awesome. It could even mean asking someone to be your girlfriend/boyfriend.   Skip school? That’s playing truant. Skip work? That’s called skiving. Skip ICT? That’s called AWOL. Or for Singaporeans it’s just ponteng school, ponteng work, ponteng reservist.   I have no idea how to explain this. Just…. your head ah!   When someone nags you too much, this is the best response to get them off your back. The more Han Nahs / Yah Lahs the more irritated you are.   Bonus articles:
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If you like what you read, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest updates.

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